why is woodworking good?

When you work with wood, you use your whole brain: left, right, front and back, and all the wiring in between. This is generally good for mental health.

why is woodworking good?

When you work with wood, you use your whole brain: left, right, front and back, and all the wiring in between. This is generally good for mental health. Whole brain activity tends to keep all neurological wiring functional and keeps dementia at bay. Woodworking is good for making form art.

It is creativity showing people and shaking the art out of people's eyes wondering the universe. Essentially, woodworking helps fend off negative emotions and depression by allowing you to create unique and personal pieces of art. Woodworking allows you to be on your feet more, move more and, as a result, burn more calories. You're not going to get buff or super thin by being a woodworker, so don't think of it as a weight loss programme.

However, you will be healthier doing a standing and moving activity than a sitting and doing nothing activity. When working with woodworking machines and tools, you need to have a lot of strength and durability to lift and cut wood. Although most types of wood are light, others can weigh much more. Because of this, people can get the necessary exercise and muscle building.

This work can also help reduce diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, it can help improve physical strength, hand dexterity and endurance. Woodworking involves simple tools and power tools that require attention and concentration. Regular woodworking activity will greatly improve your focus and concentration.

This improvement will definitely help you in other areas of your life where greater concentration is required. If you are not comfortable using complicated tools, you can start by sanding, finishing or simply painting a woodworking project. It will help you gain confidence and increase your ability to concentrate. As a hobby, woodworking is satisfying as you are creating something useful that will last a long time.

You can also make high quality items that you can sell to earn money. Finally, woodworking allows you to express your creative side and reduce stress. People with PTSD and other debilitating mental health problems find woodworking appealing because it makes them feel in control. Woodworking is also a good way to cope with depression.

This feeling of control can be very reassuring, and is not something that people have very often in general. You can decide exactly what you want to do and how to do it. You can try making a beautiful wooden flower sofa initially, and progress to a more challenging wood project. Woodworking basically combines the mental strategies needed for drawing, the practical nature of sculpture and the creative colour work of painting.

This is part of the beauty, and part of the reason people stick with woodworking their whole lives. It may take a little time, but after a while you will find that you can do almost anything you want with your woodworking skill set. Instead of wasting your time on a device that gets you nowhere except to another level in the game you are playing, woodworking gives you a much more productive use of your time. The main reason is that, by working as a woodworker, it is said that an individual feels more connected to nature, alive and fulfilled.

By being in good company, both new and old woodworkers enjoy being part of something that has such a rich tradition. If you have any questions about 50 amazing reasons to be a woodworker, please post a question in the Q&A forum and I'll be happy to help. Woodworking is good for me because I know I will have beautiful and beneficial pieces of wood for holiday gifts and for my comfort, thanks to my talented woodworking son, Laney. You can do the same with your particular type of woodworking, or just about anything you have the tools to do.

I love woodworking because it teaches my kids that you don't have to depend on others to build something you can buy in a shop. Already a woodworker, the skills I learned repairing furniture were very influential in my overall process. From depressed people to veterans with PTSD, woodworking has the potential to help almost anyone heal. In addition to the above reasons why woodworking is good for you, it is evident that woodworking is a whole body activity that improves your mind and body.

I love the whole process of creating (or finding), developing and completing a variety of different woodworking projects.

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